Optional automated refresh of content/schema analysis

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We maintain all our content in an external production system that pushes it to the live sites and other places (as we licence a lot of it). There are x thousands of pages so keeping track of changes in the external system as well as in inLinks is not doable and we need to stick to making updates in our system only. With that in mind, we need to have an option for inLinks to refresh schema based on content changes happening on the live site. Associations previously added
and any previous edits to schema (like topic links) should still be saved.

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  1. TruckerSEO
    TruckerSEO says:

    “Optional automated refresh of content/schema analysis” sounds like a new technique for the SEO evergreen method.

  2. Dixon
    Dixon says:

    This can now be dome in the “Actions” tab at the page level. Click “update article”. If you need the whole site reanalyzed, contact support.


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