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Ok the initial setup I found it quite a task look through the topics list and context as the select box isn’t sorted in alpha order so it is hard to browse through. It would be good to use a select2 style box where you can search the list.

I did find I was adding lots of Wikipedia pages manually to more relevant topics and one I didn’t know was whether these would indeed create more relevant links

It would be good have a way to upload a specific Wikipedia page and then the tool analyses it to see if it is worthy addition or not.

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  1. Dixon
    Dixon says:

    Thanks Andrew. If you already went on the demo, then my apologies for the long winded setup. If not, do book a slot with Karim at
    On your points, the topics listed there are in the order of prominence currently detected on the page, so if the topic you needed wasnot near the top, there may be a mismatch between the content on the page and what you think should bethe content on the page. Even so, I am open to votes on the idea of sorting the topics here alphabetically. You can, already, sort them by industry sector, though.
    Adding Lots of Wikipedia pages may also suggests a disconnect between the content on the page and what you think the page is about. If you make a page about a Wikipedia article that our algorithm does not see on the other pages, then you will not create any links. The number in brackets after the topics suggestion shows the maximum potential links for any given topic, although not all mentions result on links.


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