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The list of suggestions provided in the “Questions” tab contains many irrelevant suggestions, often poorly worded. The suggestions are often repetitive because they are collected by a bot around a stem question such as “what is…”
My recommendation is to use instead the “Position 0” or “People Also Ask” questions, for at least 4 reasons:
1- The questions are worded correctly, unlike the gibberish of many of the suggestions pulled from the suggested search queries.
2- The questions and the answers have been selected by human editors: they are extremely relevant to the query topic, much more than the suggested search queries.
3- The sources of the answers are cited. This makes it possible to add the URLs of these sources as contextually relevant in the schema.
4- The answers provided with the questions constitute a stem that can be used to develop further applicable content for the page and the topic being worked on.

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  1. Dixon
    Dixon says:

    Unless others start clamouring for this, I think it is not an urgent one for us. The reason being that the order is defined in part by Google’s Also Asked order. Most users want the questions in order of popularity, which is what we assume is the order we return them in (but we are not Google). We do have some transformative thoughts amount Q&As, though… but nothing imminent.
    I’ll leave it open for now to see if others vote or comment.

  2. phil
    phil says:

    Got it, Dixon. I will continue doing this manually then until it changes. On a private channel I’ll show you an interesting implementation result. Cheers!


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