I want inlinks to be able to process the Spanish language for United States Search Queries.
This shouldn’t be hard to accomplish, just run the current spanish engine on Google US search results

Many times Google is confused what page to rank for a certain term. We can see that from the Google Search console when we look at search terms. Sometimes Google ranks two or more pages for the same term.
So if you can pull a cannibalization report from the search console, inLinks can then suggest linking and schema changes, in order to tweak relevancy for the term.

Can we roll out unused credits – even if its for a month?


As I was adding schema to my articles, I noticed that it doesn’t include author, date published, date modified and more fields like this in the schema which I would like to add.

I think having an option to custom edit or custom add schema entities would be a very helpful feature.

As you are using Google auto suggest for keywords, anything that triggers safesearch fails.

How about giving us the option of adding our own semrush api keys to collect and custer data.

I suspect that would work Waaaaay better and open up all kinds of doors.

We had one customer say that they found this layout great for showing customers what was missing in their contnet. In the new editor, all that data is still there, but rather buried.
How important is it to have on one screen? Important enough to stop some other development?

we would like to import by directory or other syntax

Exporting a list of topics into a csv file/xlsx.

This is a handy option as soon as you need to
1) import a list of “fixed” words into a spintax/AI rewriting tool
2) perform your own keyword research

It’s hard to look through a giant drop down of Categories and find what you need sometimes.

When you want a particular category and you know at least some part of the name, it would be cool if the Category selector would let you start typing the part of the name you know and display the categories that contain that bit of text.