We had one customer say that they found this layout great for showing customers what was missing in their contnet. In the new editor, all that data is still there, but rather buried.
How important is it to have on one screen? Important enough to stop some other development?

We maintain all our content in an external production system that pushes it to the live sites and other places (as we licence a lot of it). There are x thousands of pages so keeping track of changes in the external system as well as in inLinks is not doable and we need to stick to making updates in our system only. With that in mind, we need to have an option for inLinks to refresh schema based on content changes happening on the live site. Associations previously added
and any previous edits to schema (like topic links) should still be saved.

Problem: The wrong writer is assigned a brief – there is no way to make a change / re-assign. The solution – After a writer is assigned, allow a change

Would like to export the keyword data from the Audit tool. I like the way that they are organized into clusters, for main topics, and secondary keywords.

The +ADD button in the right-side panel shows greyed out (unselected) even if the topic has been +ADDED in the rightmost column of the table. The button in the panel should change color or text should show that the topic has indeed already been selected.

It is not clear from the GUI that I need to +ADD a topic BEFORE I start selecting keywords inside a topic I am discovering in the right-side panel.

– The +ADD (topic) button is invisible in the right-side panel
– There is no clue in the GUI that the topic has to be added first.

From an intuitive flow standpoint, I would first inspect the keywords suggested, to understand whether they are relevant to my brief or not. (Many of them may not be relevant at all. A selection is necessary, if only for time-saving purposes when re-writing content). So I would not “blindly” +ADD the topic before looking at the keyword suggestions. Naturally, I would start selecting keywords as I am sifting through them.
This is where the rub is: at no time am I reminded to +ADD the topic.

So from the GUI standpoint, I can leave the right-side panel without +ADD the topic, after having done all my keyword selection. Waste of time.

The GUI should remind you in several ways to +ADD the topic before closing the panel.
One simple way would be to flash-highlight the +ADD button (designed in a really visible color), and to put it more “in the way” (rather than where it is now, invisible at the very top of the right-side panel). Another simple way would be to flash a jquery message when the user start selecting the keywords. “Reminder: +ADD the topic if you select any keywords in these lists”.
Another simple way would be to move the “Add to brief” column from the far-right-side of the table, to the first or the second position, left, in the table.

yet another way would be to create a very short sequence tutorial (Do this: 1-2-3-…n), and add it in a contextual container somewhere in the topic analysis tab where it could be clicked on and displayed.

An API that developers can use to extract entities from a URL in the same way InLInks does.