As users of InLinks, you already know how beneficial our tools are, but we want to ensure we reward you for any other customers you introduce. So, we have been busy behind the scenes over the last couple of months refreshing the InLinks affiliate program, and you can find out more details on these below.

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Get 15% Recurring Commission!*

*For up to 2 years per signup

The InLinks Money Maker program is now available in Beta. This lets you earn a 15% recurring commission on any lead for up to 2 years after they sign up for a free account and turn into a paying customer. We will be contacting existing affiliates about this opportunity soon.

Our Money Maker Program Features

  • 15% recurring commission over two years
  • Ability to link to any page on
  • Sign users up for FREE accounts and then upsell these leads your way
  • Coupon tracking option
  • Ability to directly request an email address as a lead
  • PayPal payouts

How To Get Started

Ready to get started and earn commissions? Sign up for our programme using the link below:

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Or get in touch with Nina on the site chat.

Our Previous Affiliate Programmes

At InLinks, we offered two different affiliate programmes for you to select from before November 2023.

1. Customer Kickback Programme

Our customer kickback programme gives you 10% refund (recurring) from each customer you refer to us. This programme didn’t offer a cash payout. Instead, we offset the commission against our own InLinks subscription. This means you can enjoy up to 100% of your money back. If you are not interested in handling cash, but you ARE interested in discounts on your account, this programme remains open. Ask us for the signup link.

Our old InLinks promoter programme earned you income from your referrals for the first three months. This is now closed to new users and will be mothballed soon.