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Social media planning just got more targeted.

Writing catchy posts with fancy memes is no longer enough to sustain a brand presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. 

You need to be able to create Social Media content plans that seamlessly integrate with your brand’s values and other online activities. In particular, your posts need to reflect the website messaging and get the content out there.

What Our Users Are Saying

What Our Users Are Saying

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Social Media Job To Be Done How InLinks Hepls
The client wants you to create a list of social media post ideas, but the client knows their business best, right? What should you suggest? InLinks generates thousands of social media content ideas by first crawling all the relevant pages on the client site to pick out all the important topics and questions. The tool will then look into Google to find related search queries that people are REALLY asking about. This gives the social media manager a massive list of relevant ideas your clients have already discussed on their sites. You can still argue about WHAT to put into the plan, but at least you go armed with ideas that the client cannot dispute as relevant.
Writing the drafts and making the posts look pretty When you are ready to write the Tweets and Messages, you can start typing from the tool, or we are fully OpenAI (The ChatGPT API) enabled if you want InLinks to generate an initial draft and format it nicely for you.
Adding a link for a call to action InLinks already knows the most important pages on your site for any topic. You can add any link or let InLinks help you choose the best URL to pull readers onto your site.
Adding an image InLinks has an API into Pixabay, or you can upload your own.
Get buy-in for every post. You can show previews of every post to your client and agree to them and get sign-off before you even schedule them. You can also export the whole list to get a formal sign-off. No more embarrassing deletes and rollbacks after the event!
Schedule, set and forget. You do not want to be on the computer whenever you Tweet or post a Facebook update. So our handy scheduler lets you move each post from your content queue into a scheduling calendar. From there, you can easily preview posts, and InLinks makes it easy to check that you have them ready for all the right channels.
Plan and Post on Multiple Platforms No more logging or fighting with 2FA every time you need to post for a new client. The system launched with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Google Business and Instagram are in the works.

The perfect way to link your website content to your social media followers

Your company’s Social Media following wants you to post content that they can trust and that helps them better understand how you can help them. Inlinks connects your web content to your following.

After analysing the top pages on your site to understand their prominent topics, our NLP algorithm will compare those topics against things searchers are asking about. Never miss an important message again.

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Start talking about the things that cross the divide between your content and your customers.

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Get 20 free credits. Add your first 20 pages. Start optimizing your content for entities

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our commonly asked questions:
You can post to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. At time of writing we are waiting on approval from Instagram, Pinterest and Google Business.
Two a month on the free plan. But the content optimisation is better on the paid plan, starting at $39/month.

Yes. InLinks has AI Writing functionality for English-speaking projects. You can choose whether to use this functionality or not. InLinks is an entity SEO tool that generates content plans for Social Media Managers in the form of outlines for them to write the content. It also allows automating social posts using OpenAI (which powers CHATGPT). This final step is optional. If used, make sure you proofread and verify the content generated.

While much of our toolset works in multiple languages, the social media tool only works with English projects.