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If you are a new user, you may want to review the FAQs that…
May 23, 2022/by Alejandro

Quick Start Guide to InLinks

Here's how to use InLinks in 5 easy steps.
March 31, 2022/by Genie Jones

How to use Silo’s on InLinks

In the following video we cover how to create a Silo internal…
March 16, 2022/by Karim

Copywriting courses

Content writing is something that I fell into. Having always…
January 5, 2022/by Molly Gould

How to assign an Audit or a Content Brief to a Writer on Inlinks

On the Inlinks platform you can assign a content brief or an…
December 28, 2021/by Karim

How to use Related Keywords on Inlinks

Whether you're creating a content brief or auditing one of your…
December 18, 2021/by Karim

How to use the questions finder on Inlinks

The following video explains how to find questions related to…
December 10, 2021/by Karim

How to associate topics to pillar pages on Inlinks

The following video highlights an alternative method to associate…
November 13, 2021/by Karim

How to use Growth Opportunities on Inlinks

The Growth Opportunities feature on Inlinks (available starting…
November 6, 2021/by Karim

How to install Inlinks Javascript code via Google Tag Manager

This video shows you how to insert Inlinks JS code into your…
November 5, 2021/by Karim

How to Audit your Content for Entities on Inlinks

You'll discover in this video how to audit your existing content…
October 29, 2021/by Karim

How to generate schema markup on Inlinks

Inlinks generates 2 types of schema markup which are the following…
October 14, 2021/by Karim

How to generate internal links on Inlinks

In this video you'll discover how to automate internal linking…
October 9, 2021/by Karim

How to use topic maps

Topic maps are available on Inlinks whenever you audit a page…
October 4, 2021/by Karim

Inlinks newest demo

Check out our newest demo where we cover all the main features…
October 1, 2021/by Karim

How to use the Inlinks for WP plugin

In this video we show how to install the Javascript code for…
September 29, 2021/by Karim

How to create a new content brief

Creating a content brief on Inlinks allows to write a new article…
September 29, 2021/by Karim

How to associate entities (topics) to pages

Targeting your pages with their correct entities is of the utmost…
September 27, 2021/by Karim

How to add a website to your Inlinks account

The following tutorial video shows you how to add a website…
September 27, 2021/by Karim