Ambassadors of Inlinks are expected to adhere to our Ambassador Charter:

The Ambassador Charter

“Brand Ambassadors to Inlinks are volunteer advocates who passionately believe in the Inlinks project and want to share their knowledge with others.

Ambassadors respect Inlinks at all times and Inlinks always ensures Ambassadors can remain true to their own values. They will never be asked to promote a product they do not believe in or asked to be someone they are not. They are, however, Ambassadors because Inlinks has already recognized them as people of integrity and stature.

Ambassadors represent Inlinks on a world stage and receive on-going training of the product, giving them insight and knowledge that they wish to share with you when you meet them online or in person. They are often the public face of Inlinks but remain independent.

InlinksAmbassadors are carefully invited from clients and users who have already promoted Inlinks of their own accord, and shown a customer loyalty as brand advocates, that any business would be proud to have. We trust our Brand Ambassadors and entrust them to you.”