InLinks Affiliate Programme

As users of InLinks, you already know how beneficial our tools are, but we want to ensure we reward you for any other customers you introduce to us. So we have been busy behinds the scenes over the last couple of months refreshing the InLinks affiliate programme, and you can find out more detail on these below.

Our Affiliate Programmes

At InLinks we offer two different affiliate programmes for you to select from.

1. Customer Kickback Programme

Our customer kickback programme gives you 10% cashback (recurring) from each customer you refer to us. This programme doesn’t offer a cash pay-out. Instead, we offset commission against our own InLinks subscription. This means you can enjoy up to 100% of your money back.

This programme is ideal for affiliates who are perhaps extensive users of InLinks Pro or Enterprise and who wish to benefit from reducing their subscription costs over the longer term.

Our InLinks promoter programme allows you to earn income from your referrals for the first three months. You’ll get an immediate pay out for any referrals that purchase an InLinks subscription. You’ll then get 30% of revenue in month 2 and 3. Pay out is 45 days after money is received.

This programme is ideal for affiliates who want to gain a short-term cash incentive for introducing users and clients to InLinks.

How We Can Support You

We want to ensure we give you all tools and resources you need to maximise referrals and commission, and within our affiliate interface there are hand-picked resources available already to use. We’ll be continuing to add to these over the next few months and in addition, we can work with you to deliver any bespoke resources or materials you might need to optimise your affiliate efforts.

How To Get Started

Ready to get started and earning commissions?

Sign up to our programmes using the links below:

Or get in touch with Nina on the site chat.

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