InLinks Semantic SEO Case Studies

Read some of our client stories and case studies that demonstrate the power of InLinks’ tools and entity-based workflow.

Case Studies to Show the Boss!

SEO Case studies can be extremely powerful for convincing others to invest in SEO. Estimates of the value of the SEO Industry vary from $35 Billion by BusinessWire to over $80 Billion by Finding practical SEO Case studies, that you can show your boss, to justify expenditure is therefore important. Fortunately, InLinks packages its case studies into tidy PDFs which you can print off and put on her desk.

These powerful insights involve the InLinks platform. We continually compile them and post them on our blog. In addition, we carry out regular Search Engine Understanding tests by running industry reports on what percentage of topics Google reports in any given verticle. We also track topic trends across thousands of topics daily.

We have been seeing in 2021 and moving into 2022 that SEO is increasingly about aligning your brand with your customers and less about “more” traffic. As such, conversions and revenue are becoming more important drivers than traffic itself. Niche markets often require very specialized content in SEO.

These SEO Case Studies are free to use for your business strategy and share with attribution.

Do you have your own SEO Case Study that InLinks might like?

If you are an InLinks user and have some insight to share, we’d love to publish it! Just ask for Karim in the webchat and he’ll be able to help package up your case study into a clear, presentable document, which we will co-brand. we love our users getting credit from our tools!