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InLinks half year in review

This SEO stuff can be hard. Are you doing it right? Are you being old-fashioned? Are you being too revolutionary? No matter who you talk to, you will get different opinions. So, the only thing that can really tell us if something has worked…

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How To Do A Content Gap Analysis

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Custom instructions in our AI assistant

Do you wish you could use custom prompts in your AI writer? InLinks has launched a new feature available within our AI assistant named 'Custom Instructions', its main purpose is to eliminate the most formulaic turns of phrases of ChatGPT as…

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The Leaked Google Documents: What Could They Say About Content?

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Paddle Migration

Note: This post will be updated as our migration process continues. Last updated: 4th July 2024 Today (4th July 2024) - New users signing up will now be offered a $1 trial instead of a free account. This will enable all people trying…

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Why most AI generated content fails in SEO

TL;DR LLMs such as ChatGPT and Bard do not use entities (natural language "building blocks") to generate content. So, it might not come as a surprise to learn that entities are often the missing element when using AI to produce SEO content.…

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