SEO Writing: 8 Steps to Write Optimized Content that Ranks

New to SEO content writing or a veteran looking for a refresher? Here’s how to write content that’s helpful to the reader and optimized for search.

WordLift review vs. InLinks: Comparing entity SEO content tools

Entity SEO helps you speak Google’s language. If you’re in the market for the best entity SEO content tool, today we compare two of the biggest contenders - WordLift vs. InLinks. Here’s how they stack up.

How to create a topical map for SEO

Topical maps help you build topical authority. Achieving topical authority is how you rank and stay relevant in this semantic search era. This article covers how to create a topical map for SEO.

New functionality: Automatic RSS new page discovery and the ability to rename projects

After listening to lots of feedback from our users, we are now solving the problem of needing to manually add pages that have gone live after you’re first install. We are now pleased to announce that our new feature allows you to configure…

How to quickly identify missing pages on InLinks using a simple script

InLinks is a powerful tool that has become essential for both me and my clients. However, an ongoing challenge we face is the difficulty in retrieving new URLs, as well as those we haven't introduced to the tool yet. Although InLinks' internal tool is useful for detecting links, it can sometimes miss some pages or not recognize them. Faced with this issue, I looked for a faster and more effective solution to ensure that all our URLs are accounted for. In this article, I'll share a simple yet powerful script to help overcome this challenge. 

Search intent in SEO: How to Identify and optimize user intent

User intent is one of the most important Google ranking factors. Unfortunately, most SEOs get it wrong. Read on if you need help determining the correct intent for your topics. We cover how to do it right here.

InLinks social media manager: An In-depth review

Say goodbye to creative block, mundane and boring social media content. InLinks now auto-generates relevant social content ideas and assists with writing and posting content. You can now build authority on social media, grow your following and stay consistent.
Place Holder with Genie the the Knowledgepanel show

How to build an SEO-friendly content marketing strategy | The Knowledge Panel Episode 38

"How to build an SEO-friendly content marketing strategy" - InLinks Knowledge Panel episode 38 with Chima Mmeje, Edward Ziubrzynski, Martin Huntbach and Holly Cartlidge. Hosted by Genie Jones. Sign…

Free BrightonSEO Ticket – WINNERS!

As we announced in our last newsletter, we had 5 free tickets for BrightonSEO in September. You could have won it, if you wrote a short statement why you like InLinks and posted it on your social media. Here are the lucky winners who received free tickets!

Social media SEO: 6 SEO tools to make your social media more effective

Because SEO and social media are complementary channels, some SEO tools integrate with social channels to make combining them easier. We cover 6 of them in this post.

Does Social Media Help SEO? How to Make Search and Social Work Together

What is the connection between social media and SEO? Can your social media presence influence your performance on search engine results? We answer this question and more in this article.

Topical Authority for SEO: What it is and How to Build It

The clue is in the name —topical authority. It's all about becoming an authoritative resource for a topic such that Google feels comfortable connecting users to your website whenever they run a search. Here's how you can earn topical authority.