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Curate your Knowledge Graph

We have just made it easier to provide feedback about where…
March 9, 2022/by Dixon

Internal Linking Score

The Internal Linking Score (aka Internal Link Score or just…
March 7, 2022/by Dixon

How to automate your internal linking

Benefits of automating Internal Linking

There are several…
March 1, 2022/by Fred

Internal Linking – Best Practices to Boost your SEO

What is internal linking?

Internal linking includes all…
March 1, 2022/by Karim

German Knowledge Graph Launches

If you are a German SEO, please tell others in Germany about…
February 28, 2022/by Dixon

Knowledge Panel Episode 20: How does User Experience impact SEO?

User experience…
February 15, 2022/by David Bain

Looking for Video Testimonials

If you're an Inlinks customer and got some great SEO results…
February 14, 2022/by Karim

82% of Internal Linking Opportunities Missed – Case Study

Internal linking, defined as using a hyperlink from one web…
February 8, 2022/by Fred

What to do if we are Unable to Retrieve Content

If you add a new website and see this message, it generally…
February 1, 2022/by Dixon

InLinks Launches Polish Knowledge Graphs

Polish Topic Graph "Types of Website"

If you are a Polish…
February 1, 2022/by Dixon

InLinks Named Best AI-Driven SEO Tool of 2021

InLinks, a multi-award-winning entity-based SEO platform, has…
January 27, 2022/by Genie Jones

Knowledge Graphs: What Are They and How Do SEOs Use Them?

What is a Knowledge Graph?

Simply put, a knowledge graph…
January 25, 2022/by Genie Jones

Internal linking: 15 benefits for your website’s SEO

Underestimating the importance of Internal Linking in an SEO…
January 20, 2022/by Fred

The Knowledge Panel Episode 19: SEO for Image Search

Are you optimizing your images for search? How much traffic…
January 11, 2022/by David Bain

How to use Inlinks for an E-commerce website

Using Inlinks for an e-commerce website slightly…
January 6, 2022/by Karim

The About Tag in Schema Markup

The 'About' tag from

Helping Google understand…
December 21, 2021/by Genie Jones

Inlinks launches Govtrackr

A free tool that tracks the main themes covered by prominent…
December 20, 2021/by Genie Jones

A Conference for Charity

I have been asked to talk about Entity SEO and my take on how…
December 17, 2021/by Dixon

What did 2021 mean for SEO? | The Knowledge Panel Show Episode #18

As we’re approaching the end of yet another year in SEO, we…
December 15, 2021/by David Bain

Using the SameAs Markup Tag in SEO

The sameAs Schema Tag and how to use it  

December 13, 2021/by Genie Jones

WordPress vs Custom Coding vs Easy Site Builder: Which Is Best for SEO?

On Episode 17 of the Knowledge Panel we have a debate between…
November 9, 2021/by David Bain