This is not the first book or content you should ever read on SEO. There are several good works on Search, including:

  • The Art of SEO: Rand Fishkin, Stephan Spencer et al
  • Search Engine Visibility: Shari Thurow
  • Search Engine Optimization for Dummies: Peter Kent
  • Entity Orientated Search: Krisztian Balog

This guide is not trying to replace these. Instead, the guide is looking to augment traditional SEO approaches, It helps existing SEOs to understand the principles of entities and semantic search and shows how maximizing the traffic and branding that entities can offer differs from traditional SEO.

At the same time, this guide is bite-sized, compared to other works on Entity Search. There are some complex ideas that may have been explained in terms that, to some, will be too complex and to others, too simple. This book offers up strategies for semantic SEO and does not seek to cover the complex subject of data indexing and information retrieval in Entity Search.

Contribute to further editions or revisions

Entities are a continually evolving idea. As such, this is a work that will need to be updated and improved frequently to remain relevant. Readers already noted as experts in the field are invited to add their own chapters or sections to further editions of this guide by emailing them to Sending content on this route will suggest that it is your personal work and that you are willing for it to be incorporated into the main text.

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