This is much harder than it sounds, mostly because businesses do not entirely agree with the message that they want to portray and the niche they want to dominate succinctly enough.  Mary Bowling, a long-time SEO from Ignitor, recommends looking at your own website as if it was your own personal knowledge graph:

Figure 2 Make your site a Knowledge Base of your brand. Reproduced with permission from Mary Bowling.

This approach was also proposed by Jarno Van Driel, known as “@SEOSkeptic” on Twitter, several years ago. However, I think we can step one level beyond this approach. In a modern marketing strategy, you need to communicate with your audience on their terms, not yours. That is to say, some will engage on Twitter, others on Instagram and others on Youtube. Increasingly few will engage directly via your website and this should be factored into your personal knowledge graph.

This means that the relationships (links) should not solely be on your website, but should connect all your digital assets. In addition, Entities in your own personal Knowledge Graph should be extended to other digital assets beyond the website.

This leads to discussing the creation of Digital Assets.

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