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How to automate your internal linking

Benefits of automating Internal Linking There are several challenges with managing internal linking manually. The first is the sheer scale of the task. It is very difficult to pick out link opportunities unless you are intimately aware of all the content on the site. Even if you write all the content yourself, our memories play […]

82% of Internal Linking Opportunities Missed – Case Study

Internal linking, defined as using a hyperlink from one web page to another within the same domain URL, is known to be one of the most underused SEO tactics. A vital SEO staple, Internal linking creates a great user experience and reinforces the topic authority associated with each page. It helps search engines such as […]

Internal linking: 15 benefits for your website’s SEO

Underestimating the importance of Internal Linking in an SEO strategy is common. Everyone knows the importance of external links (backlinks) to ensure a minimum of visibility, but most site publishers neglect internal linking. In contrast, e-commerce sites have well grasped its importance on their side. However, once your site relies on content, internal links are as essential […]

How to Improve Entity Indexing in Google

(Note: This article is the second part of our guide on using entities in SEO. We advise you to read the first part if you are not yet familiar with the concept of entities in SEO.) Why is Entity Indexing essential to your SEO Strategy? Any site owner or SEO expert knows the importance of indexing […]

Case Study: Reaching Google’s Top 10 with Internal Linking

Reaching the top 10 of Google without having to spend your days getting hypothetical backlinks is an attractive prospect. And achievable. Here are two experiments where the implementation of an internal network alone made it possible to obtain such a result. The first is an independent experiment, initially published in English, and carried out in slow mode: […]