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How to create a topical map for SEO

Topical maps help you build topical authority. Achieving topical authority is how you rank and stay relevant in this semantic search era. This article covers how to create a topical map for SEO.

InLinks social media manager: An In-depth review

Say goodbye to creative block, mundane and boring social media content. InLinks now auto-generates relevant social content ideas and assists with writing and posting content. You can now build authority on social media, grow your following and stay consistent.

Internal links vs Backlinks: which is more important for SEO?

“Backlinks are the secret sauce behind SEO” “Backlinks are the backbone of a strong SEO strategy” Statements like the above are common within the SEO community. While SEOs continue to tout their importance above all else, Google officials don’t exactly agree. They insist other factors like content and internal links are more crucial for ranking. […]