Case Study: From 0 to 6.4K Ranked Keywords using InLinks

Back in mid 2021, Texas-based digital marketing agency Moon & Owl created a cycling blog meant as an SEO support for a Shopify store belonging to a cycling wheels manufacturer. Roughly 10 months after using InLinks, this blog has reached 6.4K ranked keywords (with 154 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions in the Serps).

The following screenshot shows the evolution of ranked keywords for this project (data taken from Ahrefs):

Source Ahrefs (April 2022): Shows the evolution in ranked keywords for this project)

The monthly organic traffic reached a peak of approximately 2K in January 2022:

Source Ahrefs (April 2022): Shows the evolution in monthly organic traffic for this project.

Download a Free Report for this Case Study

In collaboration with Jordan Fowler, owner of Moon & Owl, we have written a PDF report providing further details and highlighting how this project was configured on InLinks.

You can download this PDF report for Free by clicking on the button below:

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