Case Study: From 25K to 60K in organic traffic 1 month after using Inlinks for an auto sales website

Award-winning SEO expert Lukasz Zelezny, co-owner of SEO.London, used Inlinks in February 2021 for a website operating in the auto sales sector (we’ll keep the name of this website undisclosed). The following screenshot shows a significant surge in organic traffic starting March 2021 (organic traffic data taken on SEMRush in June 2021).

SEMRush organic traffic data – June 2021

The monthly organic traffic of this website went from 25K in February 2021 to 60K in March 2021 (an increase of 139%) and even reached 82K in April 2021, ongoing traffic is worth over USD$50,000 / month with little ongoing cost.

The implementation of internal linking and schema markup played a major role in improving the organic traffic, both of these are injected automatically thanks to a simple line of JS code which is placed in the footer of the pages added to this project on Inlinks.

Download the Full Case Study (PDF) :

We have written a comprehensive report about this project detailing how the website has been configured on Inlinks and what exactly caused the surge in the monthly organic traffic. Download this FREE Report by clicking the button below:

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