Case Study: From 32K to 61K in monthly organic traffic 3 months after using InLinks

Luca Tagliaferro, Italian/ British Senior SEO consultant started using InLinks in May 2022 for Future Fit Training, the leading UK-based fitness and nutrition courses provider. Luca Tagliaferro used InLinks as part of a whollistic SEO strategy that involved many other aspects such as optimizing the technical SEO of the site, content generation and building backlinks.

The following screenshot (taken on Ahrefs, August 2022) shows the evolution of organic traffic for this website:

Key achievements:

The following are the main successes of this project:

  • From 32K (May 2022) to 61K (August 2022) in monthly organic traffic (~90% increase)
  • Ranked keywords in top 3 positions: Went from 453 to 741 keywords (63% increase)
  • Organic traffic value: Went from $67K to $89K (32% increase)

Upon analyzing this website on Ahrefs, we noticed that a particular page which was optimized inside of this InLinks project is now ranked in the 1st position in the Serps for some highly competitive keywords related to highest paid jobs in the UK:

Download a Free Report

We have worked with Luca Tagliaferro in writing a comprehensive case study report that details how he used InLinks to get the aforementioned results. You can download this report by clicking on the button below:

Want your own case study?

Of course, you do! We write up any results you get for free and link to your company. We are also happy to write these up anonymously. Keep an eye on your results, including:

  • Average session duration
  • Ranking keywords
  • Visitors
  • Conversions
  • SERPs positions

And let us know how InLinks impact these. We really value your support and we love to see the impact of our tool, so don’t be shy!

So why don’t you give it a try? It’s free forever for the first 20 pages. Alternatively, SIGN UP FOR A DEMO and get your first month refunded up to $200.

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