How a US-based marketing agency increased its organic traffic value from $6K to $60K using Inlinks

Foxxr, a digital marketing agency based in St Petersburg, Florida, started using Inlinks for its website on January 2021. After a period of 6 months this agency has significantly increased its organic traffic value from $6K to $60K (as shown on the screenshot below taken on Ahrefs).

Source: Ahrefs, showing the evolution of the organic traffic value for

Key successes

The following are some of the key successes obtained by Foxxr during the period spanning from January 2021 till July 2021:

  • Increasing the monthly organic traffic from 708 visits to 4,218 visits
  • Improving the rankings of 168 keywords into the top 10 positions
  • Reaching 1st position for the high volume keyword ‘SEO cost

Download a comprehensive case study report

In collaboration with Foxxr, we have written a detailed report highlighting further successes and the project setup on Inlinks. You can download this report for FREE by clicking on the button below:

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