About Brilliant Strategy

Grant Simmons has created and executed SEO & Content strategy for both small and large businesses, including Red Bull, Sams Club, Toshiba, Yell Group, Warner Bros, Realtor.com, and Homes.com, being directly responsible for the strategies & tactics that have driven millions of organic visits a month to these properties.

With experience and expertise in startups, local SEO, enterprise, and SAAS companies, Grant can take ideas from planning, through site architecture, content development, and pre-site checks to ultimate launch for both new ventures and organizations looking to scale organic reach.

How they use InLinks

I started using InLinks for some of my side gigs and agency moonlighting projects, to allow simple scale and effective deployment of internal links (who has time to manage the internal link graph for 1,000s of pages?). InLinks has empowered me to deliver faster, more efficient internal linking and schema which has allowed me to scale my business and the level of service I can offer to clients.

When time literally is money for independent strategy consultants like myself, being able to deliver more and ‘more better’ results in less time means I can help more partners succeed and spend a little bit more time with my family.

InLinks Says

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