About Grant Whiteside SEO Marketing Consultant

I’m Grant Whiteside, founder of seo-marketing-consultant.co.uk. I’m a digital marketing consultant, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, that specializes in helping clients grow their search engine marketing share visibility. I provide search engine optimization services like content strategy, website migration, on-page SEO and digital marketing services like Google Ads and Amazon product listing optimization.

How they use InLinks

InLinks has helped me get the content on the pages to be better understood in search. It helps me with creating content briefs for clients, create content schema for pages, and it helps generate internal linking that helps pages rank for a wider range of semantic queries.
The updated interface is user-friendly and significantly improves the efficiency of creating outlines and briefs for writers. InLinks’ AI internal linking component is particularly beneficial to link service pages and high-traffic content.

Type of businesses they help

It’s a fantastic suite of tools that I would recommend to many agencies.