Booking Calendar

Our booking calendar displays the dates and time our team is available to carry out demo presentations of InLinks. Our group calendar contains several of our team members with timezones covering the US and Europe.

As the InLinks platform requires a bit of a learning curve initially, we encourage all of our contacts and clients to book a demo in order for us to showcase how to use the tool for a given website. Specifically, the following points will be covered:

  • Build a project for a website
  • Target pages to entities / topics (for internal linking and schema automation)
  • How to install our JS code
  • How to audit pages for entity SEO and create content briefs
  • How to build topical maps
  • How to do keyword research with topic clustering

In addition to the above, booking a demo with our team makes you eligible for a refund on your first subscription month (up to 200$).

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