Free keyword research clustering report with verb intent

BrightonSEO is almost upon us, and we’re ready to go as Exhibitors again.

To make your trip even more worthwhile, we’re offering a Free Topic Gap, Topic Map and the industry’s only verb-based KW Clustering Report. This report will give you a deeper insight into areas where topical authority and expertise can be demonstrated further by your website. 

What’s in your free keyword report?

Topic Clustering:

Not all SEO Tools work the same! Because we are NLP and entity-driven, we give you ideas that are semantically related and clustered within overarching topics.

Verb Based Intent

We believe Inlinks is the only SEO Tool that queries Google suggestions and analyzes intent based on verbs.

Topic Wheel

See a topic wheel of all the entities by category in all the pages at the top of the SERPs.

BONUS OFFER: Topic Gap Analysis

Provide us with an existing page that you would like to compare against, and the Topic Wheel will be upgraded to a Topic Gap analysis – showing which entities are already in your content and which are missing. This version of the Topic Wheel also overlays Google’s own NLP API, allowing you to see which entities on your page Google also reports.

How to Claim

Just click on the Chat button and give us:

  1. A seed keyword.
  2. If you want to optimize an existing page and see Topic Gaps, give us the full URL to analyze against.
  3. If you are not logged into InLinks, we may also need your name and email address to start the chat.

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