Help us build a quiz for SEOs

We want to build out a fun but informative quiz for SEOs who want to learn about semantic based and entity based SEO. Help by siggesting questions we can use and we’ll reward each one we use with a citation back to the author, so the more you write great questions, thew more you will get to be seen as an authority in Entity based SEO.

Help Set up our Entity SEO Quiz

A form to help us create questions which will educate Internet Marketers into an entity first approach to SEO.

  • The more questions you write, the more you’ll be demonstrating your skills as an SEO. Every question published will link back to you or cite you as the authority setting the question.
  • This will show as a multiple-choice option.
  • Tell the person taking the quiz why the right answer is correct. You can also offer a link so the user can find more information/explanation.

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