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Although InLinks uses Invite codes to help track where customers first heard about us and for friends to spread the word, be wary when using codes from voucher sites! There is a tendency for these systems to make up codes! They won’t work, and we just get confused.

If you want an invite code that will always work, use this at checkout when signing up for a free account.


This will always work and should give you $20 cashback if you upgrade to a paid account, unless you take advantage of a better offer. If you had a code from someone you know and trust, try that first – they deserve the recognition. If you got it from a voucher scraping site, then maybe use the one above instead.

Every InLinks customer gets an invite code. They can find their unique coupon in their accounts area on the site:

However, the $20 cashback is not automatically applied! We wish we had hundreds of new paying customers every day so we could afford to automate the process entirely – but on the other hand, we have Nina – and we do enjoy the personal touch!

When we see new paying customers signing up for their first payment, we check several things:

If an invite code was applied when that user signed up initially, then we will refund any money due.

If the person signing up has responded to some other (better offer) like a Black Friday deal, that will take priority.

If the person has taken a 1 to 1 demo immediately before signing up, the offer is often more generous than the one above.

Invite Codes are not available after your first registration

As soon as a user registers on our system, any invite code is recorded and is there for life. We do not use codes beyond the initial registration.

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