Enter the Global Search Awards for Much Less (And get your entry reviewed free)

Use this page to enter the Global Search Awards and you will save serious money and significantly increase your chance of winning.

In between my time at Majestic and my time at InLinks, I spent some time as a Global Brand Ambassador for the UK, EU and Global search awards. Before that we won multiple awards at Majestic and I won UK Search Personality of the year way back in 2012. Our US Ambassador, Grant Simmons is also Search Awards Judge.

– Dixon

So we know a bit about what it takes to win and we think we can help our customers do this for much less than it costs to enter on the main Search Awards website.


1: Download the ENTRY FORM.

2: Enter using the Submit Entry link before May 10th 2024 on this page to enter for £200+VAT (Compared to the main website entry price of £285+VAT).

3: Myself or Grant will review your entry and, if necessary, make sure that you complied with the entry requirements. We cannot promise you will win, but we can improve your chances! Also, if you can attend the award ceremony in Poland (September 19th) we will get heavily discounted seats and if you cannot, we will collect the award on your behalf.

Ready to submit your entry?

Upload the completed form here and Checkout:

1: Priority feedback will be given to entries that make some mention of the InLinks technology
2: InLinks reserves the right to add its name (in a secondary capacity) to the entry submission
3: Competing technologies to InLinks are not accepted as part of this offer
4: Entering via InLinks implies the recipient also accepts the terms of Don’t Panic events and The Global Search Awards in general
5: InLinks does not offer any guarantees of being shortlisted whatsoever and has no influence in the judging.

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