Free BrightonSEO Ticket – WINNERS!

As we announced in our last newsletter, we had 5 free tickets for BrightonSEO in September.

You could have won it, if you wrote a short statement why you like InLinks and posted it on your social media.

Here are the lucky winners who received free tickets:

1. Adam Humphreys

I like @InLinks because they are agile and responsive to shifting dynamics in the market. They actively respond to industry needs and interface changes. They are also 1/5 the cost of their closest competitor with more features.

2. Charles Meaden

I Love @InLinks because no one exposes a web site entities in such an easy and applicable way

3. Constance Chen

I love @Inlinks because it:

➤ Automates internal linking processes and saves hours of work

➤ Optimizes content and anchor links, making it easy to diversify link portfolios

➤ Strengthens internal linking and site architecture

➤ Great customer service to walk you the process

4. Fleek Marketing

I love @InLinks because it’s a game-changer for SEO! Award-winning tool amplified clients’ organic by 400%. Transformed our approach to content, enhanced our understanding of semantic search, & simplified our social strategy. Couldn’t do SERPS without it! #SEOHero#InLinks

5. Chris Byrne

I Love @InLinks because they’ve opened my eyes to the world of semantic SEO.

Congratulations to the winners, and we wish you good luck next time!

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