Dixon Jones Joins Fred Laurent at inLinks

French SEO Expert, Fred Laurent and the UK’s ex-Majestic.com CMO, Dixon Jones have joined forces. inlinks.net will be the home for a new “freemium” Semantic SEO technology company. Dixon takes on the role of CEO and Fred as CTO.

The inLinks tool approaches SEO content from an Entity, rather than keyword perspective, making it one of the first core SEO technologies to create a semantic SEO tool from the ground up. The tools take advantage of Google’s relatively newfound ability to quickly render javascript, meaning that users can implement code changes without continually having to engage with the web-developers. This approach will suit many types of agencies and companies who find SEO changes to be invasive on other workflows. It also has the advantage of maintaining site speed, which has become an increasingly important factor for searchers as they rely more and more on mobile use.

The freemium tool complements, rather than compete with other SEO technologies.

inLinks.net will:

  • Analyze existing content on the site for entities and automate internal linking of those entities for better navigation and organic search understanding.
  • Help users automate schema creation, page by page, without the need for coding.
  • Find content gaps, based on a semantic approach, and design content writing briefs to help writers create the perfect text for entity-based search.
  • Be free for all users for the first 20 pages on any site.

One Line of Code & No Tracking

inLinks is designed to work with just a single line of javascript added to the footer of a website (although content writers may not require code to create content writing briefs). The code does NOT track users or IP addresses and does not attempt to take any personally identifiable information. The company is already registered on the ICO database but will only record personal information from its own customers by consent.

About Dixon Jones

Dixon Jones founded Receptional, and Internet Marketing consultancy in 1999 before becoming CMO of Majestic, one of the world’s largest link maps of the Internet until 2018. He is a well-known speaker on the SEO stage and was awarded a Lifetime achievement award in 2018 for his work in the industry. He has a degree in Maths and Management Studies from Brunel and an MBA from Aston University.

About Fred Laurent

Fred Laurent is an SEO consultant with a programming and engineering heritage. He has a degree in Electrical Systems Engineering and an MSC from ESIEE in Paris. He lives in the French Alpes near Nice.

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