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At Inlinks we closely monitor reviews done by other websites about our SEO software, here are some reviews we think are relevant to highlight :


Founded in 1999, Capterra is one of the best websites around the world specializing in reviewing all types of software. Capterra has published a review about InLinks which you can read HERE.

We are particularly pleased with this review as the overall note given by some of our users amounts to 4.9 / 5 !


G2 presents itself as the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover the technology they need to reach their potential. You can read the review that G2 has published about InLinks HERE.

So far, we have 5 starts out of 5 on !


SourceForge is the largest destination for open source software discovery and software reviews, SourceForge has published a review about InLinks which you can read HERE.


Another noteworthy website specialized in reviewing software products, SaaSworthy uses an interesting metric named ‘SW Score‘ which takes into account users’ ratings, social media presence and the growth velocity to evaluate how good a particular software is.

You can read SaaSworthy’s review about InLinks HERE. lists and reviews tools that use AI. They list us here.

Business Solution

InLinks has been selected by Business Solution amongst the best AI SEO tools in 2022, it’s described as being one of the few tools enabling to optimize content for Google’s RankBrain. Business Solution has listed InLinks as number 1 in the AI SEO Onpage Optimization Tools category.

Check out Business Solution’s list of the best AI SEO tools in 2022.

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