How to find your dream SEO job in 2023 – Knowledge Panel Show Episode 30

Are you thinking of moving on to a different SEO role in 2023? In episode 30 of the InLinks Knowledge Panel we’re exploring how to find your dream SEO job in 2023 with Katherine Nwanorue, Orit Mutznik and Paige Hobart – hosted by Dixon Jones.

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Are you an aspiring SEO professional looking to embark on a fulfilling career journey? The world of search engine optimization is ever evolving, and landing your dream SEO job requires careful consideration of several factors. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a conversation about how to find your ideal SEO job, exploring distinct aspects such as agency vs. in-house roles, fixed salary vs. results-based income, and more. We’ve removed timestamps and distilled the key insights from a discussion among seasoned SEO professionals Paige Hobart and Catherine Oluwatoyin.

Agency vs. In-House: A Learning Curve

Paige Hobart, an experienced SEO manager, and Catherine Oluwatoyin, an SEO specialist, share insights into the agency and in-house sides of the industry. Paige emphasizes the value of agency roles for those starting out in SEO. She believes that agencies offer rapid learning opportunities due to the diverse range of clients and projects. With her extensive agency background, Paige notes that agencies are hubs of collaboration, where teams work together to solve challenges and share insights.

Catherine, who transitioned from freelancing to an agency role, highlights the advantages of contract positions in agencies. She suggests that these roles provide a balance between the flexibility of freelancing and the structured environment of an agency. Catherine’s advice for junior professionals is to initially explore contract roles to build experience and manage workloads effectively.

Security vs. Risk: Fixed Salary vs. Results-Based Income

The topic of income structure sparks an interesting conversation. While Paige and Catherine lean towards fixed salaries for their sense of security, they acknowledge the potential benefits of results-based income. Paige points out that tying income entirely to results can be risky in the unpredictable landscape of SEO, especially with the ever-changing algorithms and updates.

Catherine finds peace of mind in a fixed salary, as it offers stability and certainty. She highlights how financial security contributes to a healthier work-life balance and overall well-being. On the other hand, Paige recognizes the appeal of results-based income for its alignment with demanding work and the motivation it brings. The consensus is that a blend of both fixed and results-based structures may strike a harmonious balance.

The Importance of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

An intriguing insight emerges as the discussion takes a philosophical turn towards the elements that lead to job satisfaction. The trio identifies three critical factors: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Autonomy refers to the ability to control one’s work and decisions. Mastery involves excelling at one’s role through continuous learning and growth. Purpose centers around finding meaning in one’s work, either through the job itself or external passions.

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that achieving these three components contributes to a fulfilling and satisfying career. The consensus is that while financial stability is crucial, a sense of fulfillment comes from autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Balancing Work and Life: Navigating Unexpected Changes

The conversation kicked off with a candid discussion about the unpredictability of career paths. One participant shared a humorous anecdote about a change in plans due to the rapid expansion of their family. Originally, the plan was for one panelist, Marie, to return to work after having her first child, but her pregnancy schedule changed those plans entirely.

Another participant chimed in, sharing how they found themselves in an unexpectedly stable position despite prior uncertainties. They realized that focusing on financial stability and taking a strategic approach to work had contributed to their current advantageous situation.

Agency vs. In-House SEO: Exploring Career Paths

The conversation then shifted to discussing the pros and cons of agency work versus in-house SEO roles. One panelist highlighted the benefits of agency work, where exposure to a variety of projects and industries allows for rapid learning. On the other hand, another participant emphasized the advantages of focusing on a single website, as this approach provides an in-depth understanding of a particular brand’s objectives and nuances.

Effective Communication and Diversity

The importance of communication within a team was a key point of discussion. Panelists agreed that transparent communication about work progress, challenges, and ideas is vital, particularly in remote work settings. One participant emphasized the value of presenting ideas and updates openly, as it ensures that team members are aligned and have a clear understanding of ongoing projects.

The topic of diversity within teams was also explored. Panelists shared how diverse opinions and backgrounds contribute to stronger outcomes. They discussed the shift from earlier days when a single approach dominated the SEO landscape to the current realization that multiple viewpoints enrich problem-solving and innovation.

Performance Measurement and Recognition

Determining how to measure success in the dynamic field of SEO was another intriguing topic. Panelists offered different perspectives on how they want their work to be recognized and evaluated. One participant stressed the importance of open communication as a means to highlight their progress and results. By sharing updates and challenges, they believe their contributions become more visible and easier to assess.

Another panelist suggested that success should be grounded in driving results, especially in an ever-changing environment like digital marketing. They emphasized that being initiative-taking and transparent about the efforts and outcomes helps build trust within a team.

Embracing Change and Looking Ahead

As the podcast concluded, the host introduced a new member who would be taking over as host in the upcoming year. The incoming host expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity and promised to bring fresh perspectives to the show. The episode ended on a positive note, with participants sharing their plans for future episodes and insights into the upcoming topics.

In summary, the podcast provided a comprehensive look into the diverse paths of SEO professionals, highlighting the importance of effective communication, adaptability, and initiative-taking engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. From balancing unexpected changes to leveraging the power of diverse teams, these insights offer valuable guidance for both newcomers and seasoned experts in the field.


Finding your dream SEO job involves evaluating several factors, from the nature of agency and in-house roles to income structures and personal values. Both agency and in-house roles offer unique learning opportunities, and the choice between fixed and results-based income depends on your risk tolerance and financial goals. A balanced approach that provides autonomy, mastery, and purpose is key to a rewarding SEO career. So, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional, consider these insights when embarking on your journey to find the perfect SEO job in 2023.

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