Link Building Strategies That Work Now: The Knowledge Panel Show – Episode 14

What link building strategies work best in 2021? What link building strategies used to work but aren’t a good idea nowadays? Those are just 2 of the questions covered in the Knowledge Panel Show – Episode 14.

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Joining Dixon Jones on this month’s show are Judith Lewis from DeCabbit, Jonny Ross from Fleek and Bibi Raven from BibiBuzz.

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Want to Read Instead? Here is a Summary

Welcome to the latest episode of The Knowledge Panel Show, where we dive deep into the world of digital marketing and SEO trends. In this episode, we’re joined by a panel of experienced professionals who share their thoughts on effective link building strategies in 2021.

Link building is an integral part of SEO strategy that aims to increase a website’s authority, visibility, and organic search rankings. In this insightful discussion, experts in the field share their thoughts on various link building techniques, highlighting the dos and don’ts, as well as the evolving landscape of link acquisition. From the importance of building genuine relationships to leveraging social media, directories, and expert recognition, this conversation delves into the nuances of effective link building strategies.

Introducing Our Expert Panel

Our impressive lineup includes Bibi, a seasoned link builder with a background in social media marketing, who now works with clients worldwide. GJ, an SEO expert based in the Netherlands, brings his expertise to the table after surviving the challenges of various Google updates. Judith, hailing from the UK and boasting a background in programming since the ’80s, shares her insights into the ever-evolving world of link building. Jordy, an SEO specialist from Leeds, rounds off the panel with his agency’s success stories and experiences from the early days of Google algorithm updates.

Defining What Makes a Good Link

Before delving into the practical details of link building strategies, the panelists offer their key takeaways for those who are short on time. Johnny emphasizes the importance of intriguing, resourceful, and even viral-worthy content for securing effective links. Judith recommends reading “Contagious” and “Everybody Lies” for insights into creating valuable content that resonates. Bibi suggests collaborating with skilled copywriters to craft compelling outreach and ideation.

Quality vs. Quantity: Unveiling Effective Link Building Strategies

The discussion kicks off with the question of what counts as a good link in the context of link building. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, the panelists share their strategies and insights. Dixon emphasizes the contextual value of links rather than fixating on domain authority. Jordy focuses on content-driven stories and data reports to create links with lasting impact. Bibi stresses the significance of building links within a relevant context to engage the target audience effectively. Judith highlights the power of passive link building through in-depth research and strategic PR.

The Power of Relationships and Expertise

The panelists concur that relationship building plays a pivotal role in effective link building. Establishing connections within your industry and attending conferences can open doors for natural and valuable link opportunities. Dixon’s testimony of personal growth within the industry underscores the importance of becoming an expert and contributing to the community. He recommends leveraging your professional network and becoming renowned in your niche to facilitate the organic creation of links.

[Host]: Welcome to episode fourteen of “The Business of Digital Podcast.” I’m your host, David Bain, and with me today, I have two incredibly special guests: Judith Lewis, owner of “Decabbit Consultancy,” and Johnny Ross, Founder of “Fleek Marketing.” We’re going to be talking about link building in 2021 and beyond. Thank you so much for joining us today. Before we get into the meat of the conversation, can you just briefly introduce yourselves and let us know where we can find you online? Judith, why don’t you go first?

[Judith]: Hi, I’m Judith Lewis. I’m the owner of Decabbit Consultancy. You can find me on Twitter as @JudithLewis, on Instagram as @Decabbit, or visit my website,

[Johnny]: I’m Johnny Ross. I run “Fleek Marketing” and also host “The Johnny Ross Audio Experience” podcast. You can find me on Twitter as @JohnnyRoss, and for those interested, my podcast is called “The Johnny Ross Audio Experience.”

[Host]: Fantastic. And, as always, you can find me at So, link building, it’s something that’s been around in SEO for quite some time, and it’s still a critical aspect of building a successful website. But, like everything else in digital marketing, it’s evolved over the years. So, let’s dive right into the discussion. To start off, can you share your thoughts on the current state of link building and how it has evolved over the years?

[Johnny]: Link building has definitely evolved. In the past, it was about acquiring as many links as possible, sometimes from low-quality sources. Now, it’s more about quality over quantity. Building relationships is key. It’s about relevance and context. It’s about creating content that’s worth linking to and building genuine connections in your industry.

[Judith]: I completely agree. Link building has matured. It’s not about spamming directories or buying links. It’s about establishing trust and relevance. Link building is now more about creating valuable content, building relationships, and being seen as an expert in your niche.

[Host]: Absolutely. So, it seems that building relationships and producing high-quality content are at the core of effective link building today. Now, let’s talk about strategies that are working well in 2021. What are some of the most effective approaches you’ve seen for acquiring quality links?

[Johnny]: One approach that’s working well is leveraging social media. While not necessarily for direct link building, sharing your content on platforms like LinkedIn can amplify your message and potentially lead to others linking to your content. Additionally, collaborating with influencers and thought leaders can bring valuable backlinks.

[Judith]: I agree. Social media can act as an amplifier for your content. Also, building relationships with industry experts through networking, conferences, and forums can lead to natural link opportunities. Don’t just focus on traditional outreach; focus on relationship-building.

[Host]: That’s great advice. Relationship-building seems to be the common theme here. Now, let’s discuss some link building strategies that might have lost their effectiveness over time. What are some outdated or potentially harmful tactics that SEOs should avoid?

[Johnny]: Avoid buying cheap links in bulk or using private blog networks (PBNs). These tactics can get you into trouble with search engines and harm your website’s reputation. Also, be cautious with overly optimized anchor text, as it can raise red flags.

[Judith]: Exactly. Cheap link building, PBNs, and over-optimized anchor text are risky practices. Another outdated strategy is relying solely on directory links. While some directories can still provide value, don’t rely on them as your primary source of backlinks.

[Host]: Wise words. It’s important to stay away from shortcuts that can ultimately harm your website’s authority and reputation. Now, as we approach the end of our discussion, do you have any final insights or recommendations for our listeners when it comes to effective link building in 2021 and beyond?

[Judith]: Focus on building relationships and producing valuable content. Be patient, as link building takes time. Also, consider the context in which your links appear to ensure they’re relevant and natural.

[Johnny]: Be creative in your approach. Think beyond the obvious sources for links. Collaborate with others in your industry, create content that stands out, and always prioritize quality over quantity.

[Host]: Thank you both for sharing your expertise on link building strategies. It’s clear that the landscape has shifted towards building genuine connections and producing valuable content. Listeners, take note of these insights as you work on your link building campaigns.


In the rapidly evolving world of SEO, link building remains a crucial factor for website success. The experts’ insights highlight the shift from quantity-focused strategies to those emphasizing quality, context, and relationship-building. As you navigate the intricacies of modern link building, remember that building genuine connections and producing valuable content are the cornerstones of a successful campaign. By keeping up with these trends and maintaining a forward-thinking approach, you can navigate the changing landscape of SEO and continue to achieve optimal results.

Concluding Thoughts: Crafting Effective Link Building Strategies

As the discussion wraps up, it’s clear that link building is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The panelists emphasize the need to tailor strategies to the specific needs of your target audience and industry. Whether through compelling content, relationship-building efforts, or data-driven research, the key lies in creating value and establishing meaningful connections. So, if you’re on the quest for effective link building in 2021, remember to focus on relevance, expertise, and engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Remember, you can catch all our episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Stay tuned for more insights from The Knowledge Panel Show!

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