Technical SEO in 2023 – The Knowledge Panel Show, Episode 34

In this episode of the Knowledge Panel Show, we’re discussing technical SEO in 2023, with Andreas Voniatis, Ritu Goel, Nikki Halliwell and Serge Bezborodov. Hosted by Genie Jones.

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Welcome to Episode 34 of the Knowledge Panel Show, where we delve deep into the world of technical SEO. In today’s episode, we’ll be addressing the common misconceptions and challenges faced by technical SEO experts. Join us as we introduce our esteemed guests: Andreas, Serge, and Nikki. Let’s hear what they have to say about their experiences and insights in the realm of technical SEO.

Andreas: Unveiling the True Essence of Technical SEO

Andreas, the founder of a renowned SEO consulting firm, shares his insights on technical SEO. Having entered the SEO landscape two decades ago, his primary focus is on ensuring that content is discoverable and comprehensible for search engines. Andreas emphasizes the importance of providing a seamless search engine experience, where content not only can be found but also makes sense to search engines.

Serge: Navigating the World of JavaScript and User Experience

Serge, the CTO of a cutting-edge technical SEO tool, dives into the evolving landscape of technical SEO. With his development background, Serge’s experience spans over a decade, and he’s witnessed the transition to JavaScript-driven websites. He highlights the intricacies of ensuring that search engine crawlers and users alike can navigate websites effectively. The intersection of technical SEO and user experience is a key focus for Serge.

Nikki: Bridging the Gap Between Technical SEO and User Experience

Nikki, a freelance Tech SEO consultant, sheds light on her journey in the world of technical SEO. Collaborating with a renowned technical SEO specialist, she emphasizes the importance of making websites easy to discover and navigate. Nikki’s perspective aligns with her peers, highlighting the role of technical SEO in enhancing user experience and site performance.

Defining Technical SEO

The hosts engage in a discussion about the essence of technical SEO. Andreas draws parallels between technical SEO and the role of a mechanic in maintaining a well-functioning engine. He emphasizes that technical SEO ensures that content is findable and meaningful for search engines. Serge further explains the intricate connection between technical SEO and user experience, underlining the need for effective website navigation and internal linking. Nikki contributes to the discussion by highlighting the significance of efficiency, discoverability, and site speed in technical SEO.

Evolving Challenges in Technical SEO

The conversation shifts to the evolving challenges faced by technical SEO experts. The speakers collectively express the misconception of viewing technical SEO as a quick fix or a superficial application of keywords. They stress that technical SEO encompasses more complex aspects such as internal linking, JavaScript optimization, and site navigation. Nikki introduces the concept of quantifying the monetary value of technical changes, acknowledging the difficulty in demonstrating immediate value.

The Role of JavaScript and Modern Challenges

The challenges presented by JavaScript in technical SEO take center stage. Serge identifies JavaScript as a pivotal challenge in modern websites, noting the complexities it introduces, especially during migrations. He emphasizes that proper implementation and developer collaboration are essential to overcome JavaScript-related issues. Nikki and Andreas concur, highlighting that JavaScript migration demands meticulous planning and meticulous execution.

Internal Linking and Entity-based Navigation

Internal linking emerges as another intricate aspect of technical SEO. Nikki, Serge, and Andreas collectively share insights into the complexity of internal linking, especially when approached through entity-based navigation. They discuss the challenges of explaining the mutual benefits of interconnected pages to clients and stakeholders.

Tech SEO is a vital aspect of ensuring your website’s visibility and performance in search engines. In this insightful conversation, seasoned professionals share their experiences and advice on navigating the world of technical search engine optimization. Let’s delve into their thoughts, perspectives, and tips to shed light on this intricate domain.

Understanding the Importance of Outbound Links

The conversation begins with a humorous anecdote about a colleague’s reluctance to include outbound links to external websites due to concerns about dwindling “qual budget” and inadvertently directing traffic to the NHS. The absurdity of worrying about the NHS being overwhelmed with website traffic highlights the misconceptions that can arise around SEO priorities.

Tech SEO: A Constantly Evolving Landscape

The misconception that tech SEO is a one-time task is debunked. The analogy of site speed is used to illustrate that even if you optimize your site’s performance, subsequent changes or additions by other team members can affect your efforts. The dynamic nature of tech SEO is underscored as it requires continuous adaptation to emerging trends and developments.

The Art of Communicating with Developers

Navigating the relationship between tech SEO experts and developers can be challenging. Andreas, one of the experts, highlights the importance of a balanced approach. He suggests using both positive (carrot) and data-driven (stick) methods to engage developers effectively. Nikki adds that developers appreciate logical arguments based on data and facts, making data science an invaluable tool in these interactions.

Learning by Doing: Building Your Tech SEO Skills

The conversation shifts to advice for newcomers in the field of tech SEO. The experts unanimously emphasize the value of hands-on experience. They suggest creating your own website, experimenting with optimization strategies, and even breaking things to learn from the experience. By working through challenges on personal projects, beginners can gain practical insights that transcend theoretical knowledge.

Mentorship and Networking

Serge suggests seeking mentorship and collaboration with experienced professionals. By learning from mentors and joining SEO communities, newcomers can benefit from the shared wisdom of those who have walked the same path. Connecting with others in the field, whether through social media or specialized groups, offers opportunities for guidance and networking.

Leveraging AI in Tech SEO

AI’s role in enhancing tech SEO is explored. The panel shares how AI can assist with tasks like generating text, writing code, or analyzing data. While AI holds promise, the experts caution against overestimating its capabilities and emphasize the importance of understanding its strengths and limitations. They recommend approaching AI as a tool that complements human expertise rather than replacing it.

Closing Thoughts: Embracing Tech SEO

As the discussion concludes, the experts emphasize that while AI offers innovative solutions, it’s essential to maintain a human touch in the realm of tech SEO. Understanding AI’s capabilities, learning from real-world experiences, and actively collaborating with developers are all crucial aspects of navigating this ever-evolving landscape. By combining technical skills with effective communication and a willingness to adapt, SEO professionals can optimize websites for success in the digital realm.

Wrapping Up: Dispelling Misconceptions and Embracing Complexity

As the episode comes to a close, the hosts debunk common misconceptions surrounding technical SEO. They emphasize that technical SEO goes beyond simple fixes, instead involving a multifaceted approach to enhance user experience and search engine discoverability. The conversation underscores the ever-evolving nature of technical SEO, which requires collaboration, strategy, and a deep understanding of web technologies.

Join us for more insightful discussions in the next episode of the Knowledge Panel Show.

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