Addressed a minor .js issue

One of our users noticed that when a page loaded which had our code on, but that page itself was not analyzed against our knowledge graph, the .js file called a non-existant JSON file, which created a 404 error in testing.

In truth, the “cost” was small, but we are SEOs and details matter, so we have now fixed this in .htaccess.

Javascript response times looking good

We appreciate that the load times of javascript files are one of SEO’s major worries. Because the javascript is on our server, that is even more of a concern for some. So I am happy to report that the javascript is executing in around 0.3 of a second. If your tests are producing any significant latency, please let us know, but we have made sure that we have plenty of bandwidth and an extremely small flat JSON file i the payload. We have not had any other problems reported.

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