Crawler and log in issues fixed

This week we went into closed beta. The initial users mainly had two critical problems that needed addressing. Several other small annoyances have also been worked on. Not all are documented here.

The first snag was that after signing up, many users couldn’t log in! This was because users did not initially confirm their email addresses and went straight to the sign-in page – a user behavior we had not anticipated.

Log in issues addressed

The fix for this is to check on ligin whether the email address used has been verified and give a helpful message if it hasn’t. Users can now also request the confirmation link again from here.

Crawler being blocked

Some CDNs seemed to be blocking our crawler right out of the gate! We only crawl on request and our IP address that we are using has only just been set up, so that was a surprise. Maybe the Ip address was previously used for something more nafareuous? Who knows. Anyway – when this happens now, we alert the user that we are being blocked and provide them with a route around the issue that seems to be working.

.JS code not being seen

Although users were installing the .js code correctly, inLinks did not check that it was live, leaving it marked as “inactive” on the dashboard, even though the schema and internal links were live on the site. This has now been fixed (Saturday).

Account Page Breaking

Free accounts only get one project, so if you start with the wrong sort of site, it makes sense to delete the project and start again. The “Account” page is where you do that, but as soon as an account has no projects, the account page was breaking. That shuld now be fixed.

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