Find Low Hanging SEO Opportunities on your site.

SEOs know that if they have a phrase lingering on page 2, then just a little “push” might be all it takes to make a difference. So wouldn’t it be great if your SEO tool of choice did the “low hanging fruit” calculations to work out which pages are best to work on next and what uplift in traffic you might gain?

Introducing Growth Opportunities

See SEO Growth Opportunities instantly

Now you will see, in your project tab, a new option called “Growth Opportunities”. When we spot something that will result in better organic traffic with relatively modest effort, we’ll record the best ones here. Here’s what I see right now for

Semrush could get 400 more visitors a month for a 1 position gain on the phrase “Title Generator”

See the potential gain for 1,5 or 10 position improvements

If I was the head of SEO at SEMRush, I could see the I am currently in position 4 for the phrase “Title generator”. That’s a term with 12,000+ searches a month. (We take those numbers and positions from SEMrush’s API. by the way). We use an algorithm to them estimate the traffic growth from a modest improvement in rankings. Clearly, you cannot get 5 spaces better than 4… but one position would have a noticeable improvement. Even better than the phrase “SEO Checker”.

Of course, you need to also use your noodle. “HTTPS” is a MASSIVE phrase… over half a million searches a month. But I ask myself how many of those people were typing in a URL rather than wanting information on HTTPS. Who knows? But if the traffic quality is good, then improving this page would have traffic benefits that knock the ball out of the park… a change from position 10 to 5 could increase traffic by 20,000+ visits a month! Not bad for an afternoon’s optimization. On this page, we have also audited the content and seen that there is some room for improvement. Perhaps SEMRush can tell us if this tip works for them?

More to Come

To be honest, this went live because a person on one of our demos saw it in Karim’s screenshot. Maybe you’d like a live demo of inlinks too? We think we can do more with this idea, though. What would YOU like us to do to improve our Growth opportunities tab?

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6 replies
  1. Desmond
    Desmond says:

    Dixon, i’m little confused, as the keyword bringing most traffic is already indicated by Inlinks on the page? Regarding optimisation, are you referring to on page or offsite?

    • Dixon
      Dixon says:

      Yes – they are already getting traffic from the term “Title Generator” in position 4… so how much MORE woudl they get by just going up a couple of notches? If they used the audit button, they would be able to see what topics/entities might still be used on page to improve their authority around this term. As the new functionality develops, there may be both onPage and Offpage recommendations. Now, mostly, we are looking at the moment to show where we think onpage improvements might move the needle.

  2. Jeru
    Jeru says:

    This is great! Just one question, I’m actually confused why is the change to position #1 gets smaller increase in traffic vs #5 or #10?

    • Dixon
      Dixon says:

      The chart is showing the value of gaining one position, 5 positions or 10 positions. So a lasrger gain is a larger win, but of course, if you are position 3, you cannot gain 10 positions, so we can only show the 1 point gain estimate.


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