InLinks Launches in Dutch

After a few months of quality checking our current knowledge graph, we can now proudly announce we are launching in Dutch. All features, including internal linking, schema markup automation, and content audits/briefs will now be fully accessible for those working on Dutch websites.

We have a had a high demand for Dutch, and hope that this change will make a lot of our current users very happy.

As always, there will probably be some new language teething issues. Please note Google doesn’t detect entities in Dutch. SEU score will always be 0.

We encourage all our Dutch-speaking friends to try out some new projects and make use of the ‘curate your knowledge graph’ section of InLinks. This can be found under the topics tab. By giving us feedback on the accuracy of the translations, you will help improve the overall quality of the Dutch knowledge graph.

Please note the difference between reporting an error and flagging as not useful. Reporting an error means there is a big mistake in the translations, and that in no way does the entity appear in your project. Flagging as not useful will just remove the entity from your project, but won’t tell us that it is necessarily incorrect.

Thank you for your continued support for InLinks, we are planning on bringing out new languages soon. However, if you really want to see your language next, remember to put it in our Language Roadmap as we follow demand.

New to InLinks? Book a demo with one of our experts to help get your first project set up. We’ll also refund your first month up to $200 if you take one of our demos.

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