New way to measure how Google understands content in a verticle

Inlinks has today started a series of ongoing reports for the Online Marketing Industry. Each report selects an industry sector with a keyword triggered market focus. The reports then compare the entities identified on the most relevant content for that market with the entities detected using Google’s Natural Language Processing API.

Go to the Industry Reports Page to see the most up to date reports

The results show at this stage that Google can still only positively identify (on average) less than 20% of all entities or topics discussed, although this average varies from sector to sector.

Free Market Reports

the InLinks reports will form a new plank in Inlinks’ thought leadership strategy and thus will be a free resource for the community. New reports may be generated by request as long as they are made publicly available to all. At this time, InLinks has not developed a custom or paid report building service.

A separate set of reports will be generated to tailor to French-speaking users.

it is interesting to note that Google may understand and derive concepts differently in different languages. inLinks is, therefore, aggregating the results of their reports by language. Other languages may follow in future.

Reports are Geographically focussed.

Each report also focuses on a geographical market, so an English report could focus on either the UK or US Markets. This natural differentiation stems from a parameter in Google’s own APIs that requires a call to the API to define which data set should be called to return the “most relevant” pages for any report’s keyword focus, although InLinks has the ability to override Google’s definitions of “most relevent” where a report might have a better defined set of “authority” pages for any given subject.

To be notified of new reports, follow @InLinksNet on Twitter, or bookmark the English or French report summary pages.

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