Singapore Market Added to InLinks

When you set up a project, you can now select “Singapore” as the default market is you so wish.

Singapore is now selectable as a target market

The difference between target markets

This choice dictates what Google API is called when looking up search results. For some industries and keywords, the results may not vary at all, but for others, they could be wildly different by region.

Can I Change my Target Market on an existing Project?

If you created a project initially using a different target market and would rather go for the Singapore channel, there are two options.

  • The first is simply to ask us in support (using the blue icon floating on the bottom right of your page) and we can change this. However – this will only change things moving forward. It will not retrospectively change the existing schema or content brief analyses. I would recommend this for most people.
  • The second would be to start a brand new project. This would generate a new .js file, so you can switch out the .js code when the new project is ready to take over.

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