How to create a new content brief

Creating a content brief on Inlinks allows to write a new article that ranks highly around a target keyword, the process being used here is based upon the Inlinks’ NLP algorithm analyzing and displaying the entities (topics) of the top 10 articles that rank the best in Google for any given keyword.

Once a content brief is ready, you can start writing your new article while covering the entities displayed under the section ‘Topics Analysis’ of the Inlinks content editor.

The following video walks you through the process of creating a new content brief :

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NOTE: Following a major InLinks update on May 2022 which saw the integration of a keyword research module, the display of the InLinks content editor will not look the same as in the video above.

If you wish to have an overview of the new content editor display as well the newly intergrated keyword research tool, please have a look at the following video on Youtube.

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