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InLinks Invite Codes

Although InLinks uses Invite codes to help track where customers first heard about us and for friends to spread the word, be wary when using codes from voucher sites! There is a tendency for these systems to make up codes! They won’t work, and we just get confused. If you want an invite code that […]

NLP strategies to boost your SEO

Google is all about “Natural Language Processing,” or NLP for short. It’s a scary-sounding phrase for SEOs, but it doesn’t have to be. The really good news is after you have grasped the main concepts of NLP, it becomes quite easy to develop NLP strategies that will boost your SEO. What’s more, these strategies will be more likely to stand the test of time than old-school approaches.

A Rethink of our WordPress plug-in

A short while ago, I removed the WordPress plugin from the WordPress store. One of our customers suggested that it was significant enough to explain why in a blog post. I agree. Firstly, if you currently USE the InLinks plugin, your site should be fine, although WordPress is likely to be telling you that the […]

Schema SEO: What it is, types, and how to implement it

This post covers the practical side of introducing schema into your SEO process. What it doesn’t cover is the more nuanced questions around what philosophical approach you should adopt towards the way you integrate schema for SEO. We hope you find it to be an invaluable resource.

AI content writing for SEO just got (even) better!

Content writers may have seen a wild increase in the amount of AI content generators recently, but none do quite as well at keeping the content writer in the driving seat and the content as tightly planned as the new baked-in AI Assistant in the InLinks content brief writing tool.

Internal Link Building Mistakes + How to Fix Them

Like every other SEO initiative, most people make mistakes with internal linking. The good news is most of these mistakes can be avoided beforehand, while others are quick fixes once noticed. To help you identify common internal linking problems, here is a detailed guide on internal linking mistakes and how to fix them.

How to create the perfect internal link structure for SEO

(No AI was touched in the writing of this content) You would think everyone would get Internal Linking right because the perfect Internal Link structure is within your control. But I am often surprised that posts and conference presentations on this topic start diving into “Topic Silos” and “Navigational menus”. I’ll cover these topics here, […]

How to find internal linking opportunities in your content

Internal linking is complex. As you focus on keeping your content pipeline fresh, tracking every piece and building internal links to them is tedious, but the benefits are immense. If you manage internal links for your website or a client’s, here’s how to find internal linking opportunities within your content pages and quickly build them with InLinks.

Psst… Social Media Marketing Tool Waitlist

We have this idea… What if we combine our ability to understand the meaning of your website with OpenAI to generate perfect social media posts that resonate with your audiences? Do you want to create engaging and effective social media messages for your brand? Our tool will help you craft the perfect posts for your […]

Govtrackr closing as Twitter Sunsets Dev API.

In a blow to the Deliberate Democracy Movement we have to close GovTrackr. Elon Musk’s Twitter has announced that it will close its API offerings to selected developers. This was particularly useful when the war started in Ukraine (and is still helpful for Ukrainians or people wanting to see what is happening in real-time on […]

Generate Better Content Using ChatGPT

The SEO world is kicking a storm about ChatGPT (also called Chat.Openai.com). But with a million users signing up in its first five days, just using this to write your content for you will not give you an advantage for long! So InLinks has come up with an exciting way to guide this fantastic tool […]

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (« Agreement« ) are a legally binding agreement between the user (« User » or « you« ) of the InLinks Services and Applicable InLinks operating Company (« InLinks« , the « Supplier », « we » or « us« ) as described herein. Please make sure you fully understand the contents of this Agreement. If you have any doubts about any of your rights […]

InLinks.net acquires InLinks.com and becomes InLinks®

I am delighted to announce that InLinks now has control of its .com domain and has trademarked the word “InLinks” in the United States. A HUGE thanks must go out to a well known Canadian SEO, Dave Davies for helping us to acquire the domain. Dave acquired it himself back in February, along with a […]

A Big Leap Forward in SEO Tools

InLinks has just launched a significant site change, which looks different and adds a new layer of functionality. For the first time, Keyword research at the SITE level is possible in a way that develops keyword ideas, questions and Topics in a way that is contextually relevant to your existing website and business. But much […]

Topic Clustering in Keyword Research

Current keyword research for SEO is based around finding a list of keywords with comparative search volumes and some element of competition. (That is to say, how hard it would be to rank for the keyword). Typically, the equation to evaluate the best keywords in a list has been like this: Keyword Opportunity = (Search […]