Search Function Added to Topics List

Today, I want to let our existing users mainly know about a small but much-requested feature. The ability to search the topics on any page, rather than using the slightly cumbersome dropdown.

Why is this useful?

Before these search buttons arrived, the only way on this page to navigate and select a main (or secondary) topic was to select the topic from the dropdown. Unfortunately, as you can see, the longer a piece of content on a page, the more topics InLinks picks up.

After a while, the list gets very long – especially if you are using a mobile. (Although you really should not be digging this deep into a setup on a mobile… we go for “mobile-friendly,” but only to a point! Inlinks is a beast of a tool, so sometimes the laptop is the only way to go. Preferably with a second monitor…

Filtering on the Fly

In the screenshot above, you can see how one word might be attributable to many different topics, so even if you still use the drop-down, it might be worth checking that you have the best topic association possible before connecting a topic to a page.

What other features Might you have missed?

While you are here, it is easy to miss some of our smaller launches, which can mak Inlinks easier to use and more powerful. For example:

Did you know that you can add writers and users to your accounts? If you are an agency that wants to offer a self-serve model, you can even give users access to only their own projects. This, in fact, could give you an interesting business model.

Have you tried our new Audience Finder tool? Most SEOs blindly write content around a key phrase without stopping to think about the different audiences that they might be writing for. Put THIS in your SEO Pipe and smoke it… it will make you think.

Our Entity Indexing Analyzer is really designed to show people who never used InLinks why it is so powerful, but it is pretty useful for anyone who wants to get a quick analysis of a page’s underlying topics and create some quick schema on the fly.

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  1. Marlon Kuhlman
    Marlon Kuhlman says:

    Your website is a digital gallery where ideas are exhibited as masterpieces. The vivid strokes of your expression create a visual feast for the mind, each article a framed artwork that beckons contemplation.


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