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How to use Silo’s on InLinks

In the following video we cover how to create a Silo internal linking structure for a target topic on InLinks. The 2 main Silo options available are the following: Automatic Silos: InLinks will create internal links pointing to a target page from any page that mentions the target topic. Manual Silos: A user needs to […]

Internal Linking – Best Practices to Boost your SEO

What is internal linking? Internal linking includes all the links made from the pages of a site to the other pages of a same site. An internal link is therefore a hypertext link made between two pages belonging to the same website domain. What are the goals of internal linking? The inclusion of internal links […]

Account Cancellations

Account cancellations on Inlinks are carried out after we receive a request from a user via our chat, this is to avoid the loss of a project’s configuration without explicit consent. To cancel an account a user needs to delete a project and remove .js code from a website, otherwise we cannot honour cancellation requests. […]

Looking for Video Testimonials

If you’re an Inlinks customer and got some great SEO results using our tool, we’d be highly appreciative if you can send us a short video testimonial describing briefly how you used Inlinks and how it improved your SEO rankings. We’d be happy to write an extensive case study about your project and include a […]

How to use Inlinks for an E-commerce website

Using Inlinks for an e-commerce website slightly differs from an informational website or a blog in that e-commerce site owners aim to improve mostly top level category pages instead of specific products. 

How to use Related Keywords on Inlinks

Whether you’re creating a content brief or auditing one of your existing pages, you can use the related keywords provided by InLinks to enrich your content while at the same time keep the context aligned with your target keywords. Check this video to learn how to use related keywords on Inlinks

Book a Demo with Inlinks

Booking a demo with our team enables you to instantly start implementing the powerful features provided on the Inlinks platform, in addition when you do a demo and you upgrade to a paid account we’ll give you a Refund for your First Month*. Our demo sessions (done via Zoom) last approximately 30 minutes and cover […]