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How to add pages to an InLinks project

On InLinks you can add your website’s pages either by relying on the URLs listed by the tool or manually adding them if you wish to have more control. This article aims to explain how both of these methods work. Adding pages listed by the tool: During the project creation process (after putting your website’s […]

Podcast: SEO in the age of AI and the future of link building

Kevin Lee, founder of the marketing agency Didit.com, sits down with InLinks’ CEO Dixon Jones. They exchange insights about the latest trends in SEO, particularly emphasizing the profound influence of AI in the industry. Find the full transcript of this podcast below: Do you believe that people have to continue to invest in link building […]

InLinks’ March Madness Offer: Full Configuration of your Project

New and existing customers subscribing to our Agency plan (430 pages – $196 / month) can benefit from our March Madness offer where our team FULLY configures your InLinks project for internal linking and schema. Our team will review your website and your InLinks project, associate your pages with their corresponding entities and make all […]

Setting up User Access on InLinks

On InLinks you can provide access to several elements of your project depending on the aimed goal, the following highlights the different user access you can set up on InLinks. Adding Writers (available in all plans) Adding Full Users (available for Agency plans (level 4) and up) Giving access to content briefs / audits to […]

Publish Content to WordPress

A handy new feature has been released on InLinks making it easy to publish content created inside the editor straight to a WordPress blog (available only for briefs). Once you finish building your content inside a brief, simple click on the ‘Publish‘ button in the editor: You’ll then be prompted to enter the following WordPress […]

New: Tailor Content Briefs

InLinks has released a new feature this week, we’ve made it now possible to amend and review competing urls before launching a content brief or an audit. Additionally, briefs and audits can now analyze up to 20 url’s for the seed keyword. What benefits this brings to InLinks users?

New Feature: Create FAQ Page Content in Seconds

The team at InLinks has launched a new feature allowing you to create an FAQ page section in seconds, along with the relevant replies, thanks to AI. The Benefits of including an FAQ section in a webpage Including an FAQ section in a webpage benefits your organic traffic and the user experience as a whole, […]

How to quickly identify missing pages on InLinks using a simple script

InLinks is a powerful tool that has become essential for both me and my clients. However, an ongoing challenge we face is the difficulty in retrieving new URLs, as well as those we haven’t introduced to the tool yet. Although InLinks’ internal tool is useful for detecting links, it can sometimes miss some pages or not recognize them. Faced with this issue, I looked for a faster and more effective solution to ensure that all our URLs are accounted for. In this article, I’ll share a simple yet powerful script to help overcome this challenge. 

Verifying internal links on a page

The following highlights few steps to ensure that internal links created by InLinks in a specific project are correctly added into the content of a page: Step 1: Verifying if the JS code is added to a page Each page added to an InLinks project needs to have the project’s Javascript code installed (check this […]

How to Audit your Content for Entities on Inlinks

In this article, I’ll talk a little bit about how to audit your content for entities using the “Audits” feature in Links. We’ll be using an article from dixonjones.com, the CEO of InLinks, as an example. Start an Audit To begin, we’ll access the article that we’ve added to our Links project and audit it […]

Case Study: From 45th to 5th in the Serps for the keyword ‘SEO Company’ in the UK 3 months after using InLinks

London-based SEO company Reboot Online started using InLinks back in 2020 for some client campaigns and saw great results doing so. At the time they were so busy with new and existing clients that they neglected their own site, and whilst consistently publishing new content consistely on their blog, their internal linking strategy and and […]

Case Study: From 0 to 6.4K Ranked Keywords using InLinks

Back in mid 2021, Texas-based digital marketing agency Moon & Owl created a cycling blog meant as an SEO support for a Shopify store belonging to a cycling wheels manufacturer. Roughly 10 months after using InLinks, this blog has reached 6.4K ranked keywords (with 154 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions in the Serps). […]

InLinks Shortlisted for the 2022 European Search Awards

We’re glad to announce that InLinks has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2022 European Search Awards ! We’re running against the big boys of the SEO industry and we’re nominated in 3 different categories : Best Software Innovation Best SEO Software Suite Best Search Software Tool Check out the full list of finalists […]

How to use Silos on InLinks

In the following video we cover how to create a Silo internal linking structure for a target topic on InLinks. The 2 main Silo options available are the following: