New: Tailor Content Briefs

InLinks has released a new feature this week, we’ve made it now possible to amend and review competing urls before launching a content brief or an audit. Additionally, briefs and audits can now analyze up to 20 url’s for the seed keyword.

  • Although we use the Google’s Search API which provides us with Serps results for the seed keyword and the target region, you may want in some instance to quickly review the search results and swap any URL with another one. If you think a competitor shouldn’t be listed here simply remove it from the analysis by clicking on the Bin button on the right handside.
  • Being now able to analyze up to 20 URLs our briefs and audits will provide you with more topics to be covered in your article, the more you go into the details for the relevant topics the more you show to the search engine that your article is deserving of the top spots.
  • Our AI writing tool (available for briefs and audits) will now have a more comprehensive outline and more sections for which you can create AI content should you choose to analyze more than 10 competitors in Serps.

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