Case Study: Dominating SERPs in the Telehealth Sector

Learn how Cardinal Marketing built this Organic Traffic with the help of Inlinks

We received this case study from John Mcalpin, SEO director at Cardinal Digital Marketing.

On behalf of a client who operates in the telehealth sector (US-based company), Cardinal Digital Marketing started using Inlinks around January 2020 and focused mainly on the following 3 features :

This client now ranks number 1 for multiple keywords around telehealth (Online therapy & psychiatry appointments).

The evolution in serps (taken from Semrush)

The Methodology Used

Cardinal Digital Marketing use Inlinks to map out a knowledge graph of entities (topics) already mentioned in the website. This allowed them to manually assign ‘TARGET‘ pages to the main concepts. Inlinks was then able to:

  1. Automatically generate targeted internal links from the body of the site
  2. Automatically generate About and FAQ Schema
  3. Inject the internal links and schema automatically thanks to a simple line of Javascript code

Project Overview

Modified screenshot of Inlinks Project Summary (May 2021)

Target Pages (Topic Associations)

Cardinal Digital Marketing associated 69 pages with recognized entities as defined in Wikipedia.

Pages associated to their entities on Inlinks by Cardinal Digital Marketing (May 2021)

Following these topics associations, Inlinks generated 432 internal links in the body text of the site to reinforce the authority of any given page in relation to any given topic. Moreover, the links generated enable the reader to easily navigate through the content to find an authoritative page on any given topic.

Schema Markup

Inlinks injected automatically 3 types of schema markup in 58 pages. ‘About’ and ‘Mentions’ schema relates to the underlying meaning of each web page, turning implicit signal to explicit proposal for machine learning. Inlinks also creates FAQ Schema on the fly for the pages where questions are found in paragraph headers.

Example of ‘About’ & ‘Mentions’ Schema generated by Inlinks for this project (May 2021)
Example of FAQ Schema generated by Inlinks for this project (May 2021)

Download the full study (PDF):

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