New Stuff: Improved Javascript code and more

It has been a busy week. The most notable launch was Monday’s announcement that you can now start assigning content briefs to writers, as reported in our “Content Management system for SEOs” post.

There are also a few things that were fixed along the way that I never got around to documenting.

Adding “Defer” to the default Javascript code

A few people were suggesting that the .JS code was creating a small, but real, page load delay. We know how sensitive SEOs are to page-load, so the .js script now includes the “defer” parameter. You can keep your existing code or simply replace it with your version of the code from the “links” dashboard as below:

New .js code

The new code should reduce any TTFP delay.

Starting New Projects is more intuitive

Previously, when starting a new project (basically, when you add a new domain) we previously tried to send users through an onboarding system. It was clear that our good intentions simply confused more users than they helped. By bringing in the top 20 pages by default and making associations, we then felt we needed a “human-in-the-loop” brake, just in case users added the javascript without checking our associations. This meant that the user could not move forward fully until they understood this and found the “confirm and continue” button. Instead, we have reversed the default settings when you set up a new project. By default, we will set up a blank project when you fill in this screen:

The checkbox is different and off by default

The onboarding will ONLY start now if you tick the Retrieve first 20 pages button. This means that we can also take you straight into the project proper. As you add pages, the system will improve as before. Until you add the javascript or take our content changes back to your site, you are not physically changing your site without a chance to review your work.

Fixed New Project Creation Bug

A bug arose which suggested you could not create a dashboard because the crawler was blocked. This has now been fixed. Where we still cannot crawl the site, we have listed the IP address that you will need to whitelist to fix the crawl issue.

Fixed a refresh issue after searching within a project

When you want to look at a subset of your pages (maybe a directory or pages with a given title) we have a search function. Unfortunately, this was not refreshing the Page/topic/link totals when returning results. this is now addressed.

As always, please tell us about bugs using the chat icon. We are working on them as fast as we can.

Thanks for your continued support!


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