Inlinks Case Study: Improving the monthly organic traffic by +73% for the keyword ‘Ethical Hacking’

A US-based cybersecurity company used Inlinks for a help section hosted under its main website which purpose is to define and provide further details about various topics related to securing cyber infrastructures.

While analyzing the organic traffic data on SEMRush, we noticed that the monthly organic traffic of a webpage configured on this Inlinks project and that targets the highly competitive keyword ‘Ethical Hacking‘ has increased by +73% (from 800 to 2.6K , shown on the screenshot below)

Source: SEMRush, June 2021. Shows the evolution in organic traffic for a webpage about ‘Ethical Hacking’ belonging to this Inlinks project.

Additionnally, we noticed few impressive jumps in the Serps for high volume keywords related to cybersecurity such as the following one that went from position 76 to 1st position !

Source: SEMRush, June 2021. showing the evolution in the Serps rankings of a webpage belonging to this Inlinks project and that targets a keyword related to cybersecurity.

As for other case studies we’ve done, automating internal linking as well as the ‘About‘ and ‘FAQ‘ schema played a major role in the Serps and organic traffic improvements we highlighted above.

Aside from this, the owner of this project also used Inlinks’ Content Optimization Tool to optimize the content around the concept of entities in SEO and thus making it more understandable by the search engines.

Read our guide to understand the concept of entities in SEO

Download a comprehensive report on this case study

If you’d like to learn more on how this website is configured on Inlinks, please click the button below to download a comprehensive report:

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9 replies
  1. Marty McLeod
    Marty McLeod says:

    Thanks for this! Coincidentally I was interested in finding out more and especially more case studies so this will help. 🙂

    Best regards & thank you for the info.

  2. Jerry Low
    Jerry Low says:

    Interesting – thanks for sharing Karim.
    Question – What is the % of the optimized page compare to the entire site? I imagine that – when we improve Google’s understanding for certain pages of a site; it would also help the machine understand other “un-optimized” pages. Is that the case in your experience?

    • Karim
      Karim says:

      Hello Jerry,

      The owner of this website used Inlinks only for the ‘Resources’ section, it’s a kind of a learning center where they publish articles about cybersecurity topics. The resources section of this website has approximately 300 pages while the main site has approximately 4K pages.

      In my experience, the “un-optimized” pages on an Inlinks project are also positively impacted (not only the ones that get internal links and schema markup). I assume Google is able to understand these “un-optimized” pages through the internal linking structure we establish on Inlinks.

      Have a great day !

      • Jerry Low
        Jerry Low says:

        Thanks for your reply! Not using internal links for my site yet but yes it makes sense. I am working on this for my sites too – looking forward to the results / impact. Have a good day Karim.


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