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InLinks Case Study     

2023 was a major year for InLinks. New features, amazing talks and thousands of signups. We have seen some amazing results, so let’s delve deeper into one case study that really excelled this year. The site:  Even though this site is anonymous, I will give you a bit of context. This client is on our […]

Entity-informed internal link audit with InLinks

Are you interested in evaluating the quality of your current internal linking structure? We’re pleased to inform you about the recent update to InLinks, which offers an internal link audit for comparing JavaScript code links added by InLinks with the hard-coded links already present on your website, all based on entities.


The New InLinks Social Media tool

Exciting news! InLinks has just unveiled its groundbreaking full content management tool, revolutionizing the way you create and share social media posts. Prepare to be amazed as this tool empowers you to unleash your creativity and seamlessly manage your social media presence, all from within a single platform.

InLinks Launches in Dutch

After a few months of quality checking our current knowledge graph, we can now proudly announce we are launching in Dutch. All features, including internal linking, schema markup automation, and content audits/briefs will now be fully accessible for those working on Dutch websites. We have a had a high demand for Dutch, and hope that […]

Why Is No One Talking About Entity SEO?

I have just got back from BrightonSEO. A brilliant event with brilliant people with just one not-so-brilliant oversight. Of all of the talks I saw over the two days, not one put a name to the mysterious phenomenon which is Entity SEO. Sure, people were skirting around the topic, and some touched on related concepts […]

InLinks Has a New Website

InLinks has been on a bit of a journey these past couple of months. After a few key conversations, which you can read a little more about in Dixon’s post, we eventually acquired our .com domain. Around the same time, our InLinks trademark came through, meaning we now own InLinks in all the important ways. […]

New Content Planner Tool

Choosing and planning what to write about next is never easy. There are always a million things to cover and usually no meaningful direction. The brand new InLinks website content planner tool can now recognize the holes in your content based on entities and provide you with all of the keyword research you need to […]

Webpage schema

Webpage schema is a type of Schema which is supposed to be implicitly defined, according to Schema.org but by adding the “About” and “Mentions” property, it seems you greatly enhance the ability of Google to understand the content on the page. This, in turn, can improve your search listings and search visibility. There has been […]

Can InLinks help you win industry awards?

InLinks is looking to help its customers win industry awards. If you’ve run a successful campaign using InLinks we would be interested in hearing from you. Our team of communication and SEO experts are here to help curate the best pitches to the awards you are interested in. We would like to apply in a […]

Internal Linking FAQ

What is internal linking? Internal linking is the act of creating html hyperlinks between two URLs within the same domain.  What is an internal link anchor text? The anchor text of an internal link is the text which is used to embed the link on to. It usually lights up as blue and underlined, but […]

InLinks Named Best AI-Driven SEO Tool of 2021

InLinks, a multi-award-winning entity-based SEO platform, has been awarded the Best AI-Driven SEO Tool of 2021 by Corporate Vision. This win recognizes the astounding success inLinks has had in helping web-content rank higher through intelligent machine understanding. Most importantly, it reaffirms its growing importance in the SEO industry. Read on to find out what InLinks […]

Knowledge Graphs: What Are They and How Do SEOs Use Them?

What is a Knowledge Graph? Simply put, a knowledge graph is a big mind map of connections. For example, if you start with a banana and brainstorm around it on a piece of paper, you may come up with a variety of concepts such as lunch, banana bread, trees, Fairtrade, yellow, slipping over, monkeys… the […]

The About Tag in Schema Markup

The ‘About’ tag from Schema.org Helping Google understand what your page is talking about is the aim of the game in SEO at the minute. Entities and concepts are taking the role that keywords held for so long, and one prominent way in which this is being achieved is through schema markup- specifically the About tag. Schema markup is structured data […]

Inlinks launches Govtrackr

A free tool that tracks the main themes covered by prominent UK politicians via their tweets. What is Govtrackr Powered by Inlinks technology, Govtrackr is a unique tool used to determine the overarching themes tweeted by UK politicians. It takes tweets and creates comprehensive data on the discovered themes. This includes the amount of public […]

Using the SameAs Schema.org Markup Tag in SEO

The sameAs Schema Tag and how to use it   SEOs can use the sameAs schema markup to help a search engine understand what a page is about. You can do this by pointing out a page with similar subject matter that you are confident the search engine DOES understand.   The sameAs tag unambiguously indicates an item’s identity through connecting […]

How accurate is the inLinks Market Trends Data?

An exploration of how accurately the data from inLinks’ market trends tool compares to real consumer behaviour. The Market Trends Tool The InLinks’ Market Trends Tool categorises and tracks consumer interest on topics. It can provide a daily, weekly and monthly oversight into how concepts and words are being interacted with online to surface what […]

The University of Google: Exploring the impact of Google’s successful machine learning in the Education Sector.

An insight into how effective methods of search engine optimization has the potential to widen participation to higher education. In this post I will outline the evidence surrounding the relative success of entity identification within the education sector and will delve deeper into what this means for higher education on the whole. Why is Google’s […]